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2016, CV. COPYRIGHT WORKS ENERGY begin their existence is engaged in the production and assembling Solar products. Our technicians have been tested in a group of companies PT.SantiniLestari Indonesian Energy and Energy CV.berkat Sollusindo, and for the development of our era CV.Cipta Energy work seeks to further grow and serve hundreds of customers spread across Indonesia. Vision: "Providing Environmentally Friendly Energy" Mission: "To provide solutions to increase energy requirements from alternative source of cheap and Renewable" Nowadays electricity has become a staple for the community. Then CV. CKE with the mission of providing electricity procurement solutions with cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, innovate by producing a variety of devices to meet the demand for cheap electricity. Among these assembly Solar Home System (Solar Power / PLTS), UPS Home, Solar Street Light (street lighting Solar) from 23 ~ 60 Watts, Solar Water Pump System, Controller, Inverter, Accu supported by several Brand Name such as: BOSCH, Kayaba, MITSUBISHI, BSB, Leoch, ritar, ROCKET, EP SOLAR, INTERLLIGENT, PASCAL, Leonics, Landstar, DUPONT SOLAR, Skytech, SUNNY SKY ENERGY, etc. In order to maintain the quality and confidence of consumers, CV. CKE provide warranty for all its products. CV. CKE continues to improve itself and equip themselves with a national standardized certificate to provide quality assurance for all products CV. CKE.